Oh my…such relief I feel! It’s finally over. It’s pretty awesome to have undertaken something and finished. Looking back, I regret none of it. Not even getting up on cold mornings conducive for extra sleep! All in a months work.

As it was handed to me I was all smiles and immobile for a while. I’d been numb ever since I hit the brakes and glanced over at the person seated next to me. He’d already scribbled something on my documents and signed somewhere at the bottom. That was an indication that I’d aced the final test. I was totally elated (for lack of a better word). Thinking back, I might have even forgotten to engage the right gear. I just randomly came to a halt and literally jumped off the lorry. I smiled one last time at the man who not too long ago was my worst nightmare. My brief walk to the back was just madness. I felt a peace come over me and knew that it was done. 🙂

Despite all my best efforts to remain composed, I exuded excitement, warmth and content that could not go unnoticed. I held back words that had been fighting their way out. ‘Keep it together. You only passed a driving test.’ ‘YOU PASSED!’ I don’t know why, but in that moment it meant the world. Actually, I do know why :). It’s the point of this post. So here we go…

I did my best. I put in my all. I knew what I knew because I had undertaken the process completely;  through and through. I’d left no stone unturned and felt completely polished at the end of my driving experience. So yes, I sat my test and got a reward from it. My interim license. Having it in my hands was quite surreal and I felt accomplished. So I stood taking it in as the world around me grew silent and distant. All I’d put in had been worth it. This may be categorized as a ‘small win’, but the lesson it taught me was great.

Most of the time when we do things, we don’t go all the way. We just sorta do it and hope luck’s on our side. I did time… put in work and got something out of it. Getting into it was ofcourse quite tasking. I asked myself a number of questions and tried to procrastinate as much as possible, then it hit me! I am not growing any younger, and neither are you. Decide on something, spell out a plan and just do it. The last part seems to be the hardest but there’s an angle from which I’d like us to view things. That if you don’t try…if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know what you’re capable of. Whatever it is you want to do, do! (With prior, reasonable calculation).

Trying out things leads to self-dicovery and hey, the sooner the better. Make all the mistakes while you still can… while the world will forgive you for it. A time will definitely come when you question your life decisions and begin to regret wasted time. I mean really? Why is it that we know all this but still get caught up in a web? I say go for it… and give it your all. Things done half-heartedly don’t really work out. And though sometimes they do, luck is but for a moment. It rarely strikes the same person twice and so you’ll be caught up at some point. So why not? Why not give your all? Why not dedicate ample time? Why not commit? Why not face your demons? Why not start that company or C.B.O? (note to self). More importantly, once you begin, don’t grow content. Keep pushing till you see a light. And even then, go on! Trust me, giving your best is all that counts and the feeling is just amazing!

I have a friend who once got a three in a C.A.T. It was out of twenty and was on a unit she was well versed with. Upon discussing it, she disclosed something I quite liked. It was that she was bummed yes, but not so distraught. She explained that she misunderstood the question and whatever she wrote was in light of something totally different. Reading her essay in consideration of her ‘self-made’ question, I was completely blown! She definitely knew her stuff. So  fine, she got a three. But thing is, she had given it her all and the issue was not lack of knowledge. She was somewhat content and accepted her fate not as a blow or setback, but as a lesson. It was a positive thing all the way and I couldn’t help but watch her reaction in awe.

As it is with driving and academic tests, so it is with life. Let’s delve into things, give wholly and lose ourselves in positive action. Through and through people!

Till next time! 🙂


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Tiny bit awkward. Tiny bit anti-social. In one word- socially awkward. But what I know and experience, I love to share! Add-up? Hope so!


6 thoughts on “Achievement”

  1. When you achieve something, you get this awesome feeling inside that makes you want to go crazy. Achievements are goals that you’ve accomplished. It’s very nice to read about your achievement. You should read my blog.

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  2. Your commitment to do something gives you no choice, but to do that thing and in the end of it all it only translates to gratification, but gives you a sense of pride for achieving a goal no matter how miniscule or big. I can equally relate to that feeling of elation for seeing something through to the end 🙂

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