Some  time back I read a blog entry tiled ‘Keep on writing’. It was basically encouraging authors who’s first pieces have not sold as they expected. That soon enough, if they kept at it, something good will come out of it and the fruits will be apparent.

I thought about this. It encouraged me greatly because though I’m not authoring a book or anything really, I identify with writing and how easy it is sometimes to just…stop. Writers block is real. Yes, there may be tons to write on but the words sometimes are just not forthcoming. When I read that entry I got motivated, maybe not in the capacity it spoke of, but in some way. So I took the advise. Events, circumstances, memories – anything. I wrote it all down to the point where I got my words back. If I’d stopped in totality it would have been much harder to get back what I had before.

So here we go: To my usual application bit. ‘Keep.On.’ I picked on these two words because they will completely nail what I’d like to communicate. Everyone has  dreams and goals. An end game of sorts. Though they may not be written down in form of yearly resolutions of monthly aims, they exist somewhere in our heads. If we were all to meet and discuss what we had in mind, I’m almost certain we’d be blown by the kind of ideas that form in the minds of people. Thing is, we think up a whole lot of stuff and sometimes even take the plunge to act on them. However, more often than not our efforts come to a quick halt and we turn our focus elsewhere.

Two things – we either never act on our dreams, or we start to pursue them and stop at some point, leaving everything hanging and finding something new. Is it that we get bored? Well, sure, maybe. Probably. But if something is your dream…if it’s something you’ve longed for since way back when, doesn’t it follow that the pursuit of it should be somewhat fulfilling? That you are lacking sleep almost everyday just to ensure nothing goes wrong? Doing whatever you can to make your dreams a reality. That’s what it should be. So no, I don’t think boredom is the reason we stop before we even start.

Giving up. That’s it…that’s what I think. We face what we deem to be major impediments that render our ventures near impossible. So we just turn a blind eye and begin something else. Okay… this is where I make a connection. ‘Keeping On.’ Just as it is with writing, so it is with everything else. It is important that we keep doing whatever it is. I’ll use a couple of examples.

Devotion… now, the Bible is a large book. It contains many verses that guide our daily lives. Along the same line of thought, prayer is something continuous. We have new needs, new gratitude points as well as new sin we need to repent each day. My point? Devotion can’t only be done once. (Okay it can, the choice being yours, but it would not be as effective as it would be if done constantly). Drawing can serve as another good example. Pencil artists have to constantly practice angles and shading styles to sharpen their skill. I’m yet to meet a pencil artist who has not at least one sketchbook with a ton of drawings.

A last illustration would be exercise. Many people can probably relate to this. Most of the time, we exercise in a bid to see results. Be it a flat tummy or toned skin. Firm body parts or just to feel healthy on the inside. Whatever the case, it is agreeable that exercise is not a one hit wonder. It has to be done constantly being careful to not push oneself beyond what one can handle on a frequent basis.

As it is with the small stuff, so it is with the big stuff. So it is with the fulfillment of dreams. Trying to find a schorlarship? A job? A spouse? Keep applying! (Kidding about the spouse part, lol) But I think you get what I mean. The problem comes in when we tire, when we feel we should give up and that it’s of no use any longer. When his point reaches, try. Push yourself a little bit more. However little effort you put will be worth it. At least making a comeback would be far much easier as opposed to taking a back seat.

It’s a new month. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, how about we try give our dreams a living chance?

Till next time! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Keep.On”

  1. totally inspiring…personally i feel its about pushing urself back nd forth and be sure ur stars ll align together.. nobody puts better than N R Mandala, who says ‘ never forget that a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.
    had fun reading this. many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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