I noticed a few typos from my previous post. Sorry for that! Welcome to what I deem the best part of the book! 🙂

It’s what I call ‘The End Times.’ Morrie’s death is nearing …it’s calling for him. Anything he says from this point could very well be his last words alive. Before the next chapter lies a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. I’m going to focus on it in this post. It read, ‘Each night before I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning when I wake up, I am reborn.’

That had me thinking- yes yes, that’s definitely true! Of course it is. How could it not be? I mean it sounds pretty wise and was said by somebody important… (The reasoning more often than not) But let’s think about it for a moment. Let’s grasp it’s deepness. We are reborn each day.(Dramatic pause).

What comes to mind is renewal. Opportunity. Second chances. You see, everyday we mess up, in one way or the other. Heck, the other day I had quite the experience. Leaving classes late in the evening, say 8.30p.m, I found quite the queue for my buses. What happens is that random ‘matatus’ come and pick people on the basis of ‘first come first served.’ Catching glimpse of one in the distance, I readied myself for what I new would be a battle. And so it was.

I got a middle seat. Definitely not my preference, but oh well. Beggars don’t choose, right? So here I am right in between in the conductor and a lady. The matatu smelt of all sorts of things ranging from cigarettes to shoes. I bore it for as long as I could.

When my strength failed and my head began to pound, i had to do something. Fast. So I ask the conductor to open the window. He throws me a look that half-tears my face muscles. I just look away like an abandoned child, knowing it was probably best not to insist. Determined to access oxygen and achieve my goal of proper air circulation, I ask the lady. She opens it for barely a minute and then shuts it. So I go like ‘Excuse me..’

Well. I didnt go far with my words when she cut me short and went on about how cold it was. There i was half-suffocating and seated between very angry people. I remember thinking something very mean. ‘…why can’t she just open it? With all that back fat she probably won’t feel a thing…’

So this is where I connect my story to the quote. I felt guilty the minute i thought it. When I finally alighted, I gasped in a whole lot of air. You’d think I was on a Morrie-type-of-journey. But I’m not kidding, a few more minutes in there and I’d have passed out. After regaining the colour in my face, I walked home. And as has become the norm, thought things through.

I came to the conclusion that I was wrong. Despite the fact that I didn’t know the lady, her background or story, I felt terribly guilty over my hushed insult. So I told myself that night that i didn’t do good. I’d try avoid it next time. How? Well, I’d definitely start with getting me a window seat!

It’s always best to try as much as possible to avoid such situations. Situations that bring out our little monsters. The next day I was up and about my daily business. The happenings of the previous day were just that and I was able to create new events. Place myself in strategic circumstances to avoid such small but intense occurences.

Three cheers – to being reborn, to learning lessons and to second chances.

Till next time, with actual Morrie words! 🙂


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Tiny bit awkward. Tiny bit anti-social. In one word- socially awkward. But what I know and experience, I love to share! Add-up? Hope so!


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